Customer Service

Store opening hours

Monday to Sunday, rain or shine!

Elements store

8am to 11pm

Stanley Plaza store

8am to 10pm

Wrapping service
Customers can enjoy free gift wrapping service for any goods purchased at 3hreesixty. Wrapping paper and gift card with 3hreesixty logo are provided for free.


Kid's trolley
Let the kids be part of the action while shopping at 3hreesixty. Just a note to grown-ups - please watch out for these speedy rascals.

Gift vouchers: $50 and $100
Give family and friends the ultimate gift - a gift voucher from 3hreesixty.


Complimentary Parking Service 
Shop at 3hreesixty and enjoy a rewarding parking offer at Elements and Stanley Plaza.

Elements store Minimum Spending Requirement Elements Parking Offer       

Monday to Friday

(same day electronic spending)

5 hours

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

4 hours


Stanley Plaza store Minimum Spending Requirement Stanley Plaza Parking Offer

Monday to Friday


1 hour

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays


1 hour